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Household Gloves (Wrinkle)

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  • MaterialLatex(97%), Surful(1.5%), Rock Dust, Zinc, Etc(1%), Coloring(0.2%), Antioxidant(0.3%)

[White Glove Co., Ltd]

  • Viet Nam Viet Nam
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Product Detail Information

Household Latex Gloves (Wrinkle)

│ Features │

  • Usable with inner gloves.
  • Easy to use when working at a polluted place because of thickness.
  • Suitable for hard work (Sweeping, Kitchen, Laundry etc).
  • Ivory color gloves are most used at a food processing factory.

Product Name

Size (Length and circumference)


Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(XL)

42.5cm x 24.5cm

120gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(L)

39cm x 22cm

110gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(M)

37cm x 21cm

95gr ± 3gr

Wrinkle Rubber Gloves(SM)

35cm x 20cm

85gr ± 3gr

(Above figures could be changed depending on the method how to measure)

│ Specification │

  • Size : XL, L, M, SM
  • Weight : Refer to the below chart.
  • Color : Pink, Ivory
  • Raw Material : Natural Rubber (Latex)
  • Use : For Family, Business


│Feature of our products.│

  • Use Natural Rubber.
  • Comfortable wearing sensation and reliable quality.
  • Antibacteria, deodorization effect.
  • Various size, color, purpose.
  • Environment-Friendly product which is biodegradable.

│Comfortable wearing│ 
>> Sensation and elastic
Because of comfortable wearing sensation and elastic, our gloves doesn’t tear even being used with cold water.

│Antimicrobial, deodorization effect│
>> Protecting house wife’s eczema
This is made for protecting housewife’s eczema with the function restraining propagations of germs.

│Environment-Friendly Latex Gloves│
>> White Glove Return to Nature
Environment-Friendly product which is biodegradable and made with natural rubber material.

│Use of natural rubber│
>> Vietnamese natural rubber
Our products can be used for a long time without stickiness for being made with Vietnamese natural rubber.

│Reliable quality│
Harmless to human body using non-polluting pigment and there is little change of the product's color for a long time.

│Various color, size and purpose.│
Can be used at various places like house, restaurant and hotel etc, with selection of various color and there is various size of products which is fit with any customer's hands size.
Our product is made to meet customer's needs by manufacturing various size and color products.